Spirit Fire Radio: Graceful Interlude: Exploring Qigong with Jessica Kern

  07/20/2016  09:00 am PDT

We have reached the 7th step of Interlude this week in The Practice Of Living Awareness. Interludes are easily taken for granted or mistaken for "time-off." Much can be gained from an intentional pause. The following words from the Chinese prophet Lao-tzu offer some wisdom in this regard. “Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill. Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity." This is an excerpt from Verse 9 of the Tao Te  Ching. For Step 7, we step back and let our work thus far report to us. 

Here is text from our website about the interlude:
"Meditation is an experience, not a thought process. We simply pause for step 7 to allow steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of our meditation practice. We begin to experience the efficacy of the steps we've learned and we begin to recognize that, in fact, we are learning to meditate. Interludes are important, they are integrative. An interlude has no agenda other than itself, it is a space between. We also begin to grow comfortable with the space that is not being filled by words or tasks. We allow ourselves to simply be present and comfortable."

We are so excited to be joined by Jessica Kern to chat about the ancient Chinese practice of Qigong. Present and comfortable seems to describe the state of qigong practitioners. This is a practice of coordinated body posture and movement; a moving meditation of sorts that allows for activation, observation, and integration of Qi, or Life Energy. Qigong is practiced for recreation, exercise and relaxation, preventive medicine and self-healing, alternative medicine, meditation and self-cultivation, and training for martial arts. Checking-in with your experience is key to Step 7: Interlude. We know that Jessica will offer a wonderful take on the graceful interludes that come forward from the Qigong experience.

Beyond teaching others the joy of Qigong, Jessica Kern is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in the state of Massachusetts.  She is also a certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT, American Version). After completing a B.A. at Brandeis University in American Studies in 2003, she went on to receive her professional license in massage therapy in 2005.  Shortly thereafter in 2007 she became certified in neuromuscular therapy (American version). Jessica continues to study regularly with mentors as part of her professional practice in order to explore and fine tune her skill set.  Orthopedic massage and myofascial release, Zero Balancing, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching), equine and canine massage, AND BEE KEEPING are included in that skill set. Yes, bee keeping. We hope to chat about that too!


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Jessica Kern

Jessica Kern is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) in the state of Massachusetts.  She is also a certified Neuromuscular Therapist (CNMT, American Version). After compl...

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