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Spirit Fire Radio: Negotiating Mindfulness

  02/24/2016  09:00 am PDT

Soften, Open, and Receive is the step covered this week in Spirit Fire's meditation practice, The Practice of Living Awareness. This step asks us to do just what the phrase says: softento the moment, opento the possibilities, and receiveall that it has to offer. This sounds delightful to read, but what happens if things go a little haywire at open? Or what if hardhas become a way of life? And seriously, what if that which you receivefrom the moment isn't actually all that pleasant? Well, that's called living your truth and it can take some getting used too. 

 Ben McLellan and Lauren O'Sullivan are a husband and wife team who have made mindfulness a way of life at home and at work. Together, they founded Sudbury Wellness. It is a unique collaboration of the Eastern Healing Arts and Psychotherapy. Their focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being expresses through counseling, coaching, mindfulness training, meditation, and yoga. Both bring heaps of knowledge and experience to the topic of awareness and the quest to find sure footing on one's life path. We look forward to discussing the intricacies of negotiating mindfulness with them on our next show. 


Steve Kramer

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Lauren O'Sullivan & Ben McLellan

Ben McLellan and Lauren O'Sullivan founded Sudbury Wellness. It is a unique collaboration of the Eastern Healing Arts and Psychotherapy, offering services that focus on...

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