Spirit Fire Radio: Soften, Open, & Receive. Our guest, Larz Young discusses songwriting and opening up to the creative process.

  10/07/2015  09:00 am PDT

Softening, Opening, and Receiving teaches the process of opening to the present moment; where inspiration can be found. Softening makes one receptive to meditative experiences, actually softening is necessary to fully engage any experience. Paying close attention to the process of softening, opening, and receiving air in the lungs readies us to do the same with the mind. As this step permeates our living awareness, we begin to sense whether we are rigid or soft, closed-off or open, defensive or accepting. Softening, opening, and receiving are choices; and these choices create powerful shifts toward being fully present in the moment. From the present moment, the possibilities are endless. ​

Musicians exemplify this process. The higher mind, where inspiration dwells, must be contacted in order for creative expression to manifest. Softening and opening to experience allows for full engagement and gets the creative wheels spinning. The realm of the higher mind is where we are headed in this week's show... artists are natural meditators, whether they know it or not, as meditation is little more than absolute presence in the moment. In this episode we join singer-songwriter, Larz Young, in discussing songwriting and the ways softening, opening, and receiving come into play during the creative process.


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Larz Young

Larz Young is a singer-songwriter and finger-style guitarist based out of Western Massachusetts. He has been making music professionally since the age of 17, and found a sec...

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