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Spirit Fire Radio: Soften, Open, and Release: letting go & letting flow

  07/06/2016  09:00 am PDT

This week in The Practice Of Living Awareness we are meditating with the natural response to the previous step of Soften, Open, and Receive; Step #5 is Soften, Open, and Release. We breathe in and we breathe out, this creates flow. We are constantly receiving and releasing; this is the basis for our personal growth, for manifestation, for evolution, for healing... the list goes on. Here are a few sentences from our website that describe this step within our meditation teachings:  

The flow of receiving continues in step 5 by going into the experience of release. Release requires softening and opening as well - our lungs prove this every time we breathe. Sharing, adjusting,  allowing, giving, forgiving, recognizing, and accepting all incorporate aspects of steps 4 and 5. 

Release makes flow possible by creating space for a new receiving. We are given many opportunities for release during a meditation sitting - the experience can move from settling to healing to sublime.

The birthing process could be one of the most magical experiences of release... releasing a human soul to the universe. Jacqui Morton is a birth doula and a freelance writer. We will chat with her this week about the many forms of release involved in pregnancy and birth. We'll also talk about releasing or redefining the notion of the perfect conception, the perfect pregnancy, or the perfect birthing process. Jacqui created Holding Our Space, a memorial for any and all kinds of reproductive loss. Her writing has been published in places such as Cognoscenti, the Guardian, Huffington Post, The Mom Egg Review, Recovering the Soul: A Journal of Hope and Healing, Role Reboot, The Rumpus, and Salon.

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Jacqui Morton

Jacqui works as a freelance writer and birth doula in Massachusetts. She created Holding Our Space, a memorial for any and all kinds of reproductive loss. Her writing h...

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