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Spirit Fire Radio: Soften, Open, and Release. Explore Finding One's True Voice with the Dazzling Kiara Duran, Voice Coach/Healing Practitioner

  10/14/2015  09:00 am PDT

Step 5 of Spirit Fire's Practice of Living Awareness is "Soften, Open, and Release." This naturally follows last week's "Soften, Open, and Receive" show where we talked with singer-songwriter Larz Young about softening and opening to the human experience as part of the creative process of "receiving" inspiration. We'll stick to the music theme this week and explore "releasing" that creativity with our dynamic guest, Kiara Duran, who combines chakra-based energy healing techniques with traditional voice coaching and helps singers release blockages to let their true voices be heard. She's also a wizard at inspiring children to create soul-full original song and theater pieces with her NYC company Three Legged Chair. She promises to sing an original song for us and share the secrets to finding the pitch perfect tune of your life's dreams and singing them to the world! We can't wait!


Steve Kramer

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Kiara Duran

Kiara Duran is a singer-songwriter, storyteller, voice teacher, and energy healing practitioner in NYC. She is one of the founders of the musical theatre creation company Th...

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