Spirit Fire Radio: The Illuminated Experience of Divine Love with 'Love Is a Secret' author, Andrew Vidich, Ph.D.

Step 12 of The Practice of Living Awareness focuses on the Central Channel. This is the lighted core at the center of our Being. It is the primary avenue of alignment with the higher self. The Central Channel infuses and integrates the vibrations of Soul and the Divine into our subtle systems. Through our experiences with the light of the Soul and of the Divine our very being is recalibrate to hold greater light. This is the way of enlightenment.

We are joined by the celebrated author of Love Is a Secret, Andrew Vidich, PhD. His book explores 5,000 years of collected documentation of mystical experiences by inspired leaders and saints of all great spiritual traditions, from Taoism to Christianity and from Sufism to Judaism. We will discuss the transcendent states achieved by the deepest spiritual encounters with the Divine. 

Dr. Vidich believes that we all have access to "a love affair with the divine" and the extraordinary experience of mystical union. We couldn't agree more; let your Central Channel lead the way. 


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Andrew Vidich PhD

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