Spirit Fire Radio: The Practice of Living Awareness, Step 2: Tip of the Nose. Our guest Dr. Lisa Napora Discusses Systemic Change

The tip of your nose leads the way to well-being! As we introduce something new, perhaps meditation, often times we bump up against existing patterns - even resisting patterns. Dr. Lisa Napora is an advocate of mindfulness in education and leadership. Her work as an educator, researcher, and consultant is steeped in the language of systemic change. As we change ourselves, we change the world; one breath at a time.


Tim Darter and Steve Kramer

What do you get when two men leave the big city, come together through a spiritual connection, and move to a mountaintop meditative retreat center in Western Massachusetts?S...

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Lisa Napora PhD

Lisa is an educator and systems thinker adept in process design and facilitation, she promotes the infusion of awareness-based practices within the American education system...

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