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Spirit Fire Radio: The Practice of Living Awareness, Step 3: Flow. Our guest, Colleen Olphie-Lippmann, Discusses Five Element Acupuncture.

  09/30/2015  09:00 am PDT

This episode brings attention to the natural flow of the breath and has us consider the myriad of ways that flow propels us forward. A healthy life is one that is constantly flowing forward with minimal resistance. The nature of consciousness is expansion. Noticing that flow is everywhere helps us get synchronized with this consistent factor of life. On this episode we will learn about Five Element Acupuncture with Colleen Olphie-Lippmann and understand how balance and harmony are restored by focusing on the flow between the seasons and the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. 

Over the centuries, the Chinese have observed nature in order to understand natural law. These laws are then applied to better understanding the human condition. Classical Acupuncture makes use of these laws as the framework to unlock the keys to promoting balance and harmony in the body. In nature, one can easily see the change of the seasons with one season flowing into the next. While most recognize that there are four seasons, the Chinese realized that there are five. Late summer is seen as different from summer because the energy is fuller; producing the harvest and abundance of food and flora. With the addition of late summer we now have five seasons that are correlated to the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Just as each season leads to the next, each element slowly transforms to the one following in a ceaseless progression of evolution through time and space. 


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Colleen Olphie-Lippmann

Colleen Olphie-Lippmann is a nationally board certified, Connecticut licensed Classically Trained Five Element Acupuncturist. Colleen earned a Master of Acupuncture deg...

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