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Spirit Fire Radio: The Torus, the Vortex, and The Vacuum: Hidden Laws of Spiritual Energy

  08/24/2016  09:00 am PDT

Meditation brings awareness to the intrinsic toroidal flow nature of life itself and the effects it has on nearly everything we do and all that we are. You may be asking, "what is toroidal flow?" Essentially toroidal flow is cause and effect... is is created by the torus. It is the scientific phenomenon describing energy flowing in one vortex, through a central axis, out of another vortex then wrapping around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. It is a fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems. It is evolution in action.  
This is your heart moving oxygenated blood throughout your body and returning de-oxygenated blood back to its origin to be resupplied. Toroidal flow is passing a hurtful note in math class, ending up in the principal's office and learning a thing or two about respect. It is also choosing to buy organic strawberries... beyond tasting awesome, the effect of this conscious choice is a healthier body and a healthier planet with less chemicals. 
The torus is a mechanism that reports back to us the effect of that which we express. Here are a few words about toroidal flow from the meditation pages of our website:
"Toroidal flow is experienced in step 12. This is related to the spiral flow of everything from the water going down a drain, to the exchange of blood to and from our heart, to to the spiral arms of a galaxy. The truth is that we are a mini-galaxy with similar internal properties. Our energy centers are toruses, ensuring the constant, dynamic exchange of awareness and experience that is a human being.
Meditation allows for finer vibrations of spiritual energy to enter and move through the body. The toroidal flow nature of our subtle energy system moves those energies into the world in the form of our actions, creations, and expressions. We attract new experiences as a result of those expressions which in turn inform our consciousness. Higher consciousness raises our vibration to allow even finer vibrations to enter our system and, in turn, these express outward. This is evolution in action.
Pulsing and rhythmic, we experience life, and even time, as the flow energies through fields, constantly creating experience which forms the very fiber of our being. Meditation reinforces this flow and elicits it’s expansion."
Join us as we explore the torus, the vortex and the vacuum with visual artist and educator, Duane Carpenter. He is the creator of which explores the torus in depth as well as offer stunning visual representations of sacred geometrical vehicles in actions. We know we're gonna dive in deep!


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Duane Carpenter

 Duane Carpenter holds 3 US patents on light technology devises that are used for spiritual alignment and ray assessment with color. He has studied traditions as d...

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