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Spirit Fire Radio: Toroidal Flow and The Blueprint for Clean Living

  12/16/2015  09:00 am PDT

Meditation brings awareness to the intrinsic toroidal flow nature of life itself and the effects it has on nearly everything we do and all that we are. You may be asking, "what is toroidal flow?" Essentially toroidal flow is cause and effect. It is the scientific phenomenon describing energy flowing in one vortex, through a central axis, out of another vortex then wrapping around itself to return to the first incoming vortex. It is a fundamental form of balanced energy flow found in sustainable systems. It is evolution in action. 

 This is your heart moving oxygenated blood throughout your body and returning de-oxygenated blood back to its origin to be resupplied. Toroidal is passing a hurtful note in math class, ending up in the principal's office and learning a thing or two about respect. It is also choosing to buy organic strawberries... beyond tasting awesome, the effect of this conscious choice is a healthier body and a healthier planet with less chemicals. 

This week's guest is Stacey Cagan. She is the mother of a child diagnosed with autism. This diagnosis became the catalyst for awareness and, in her words, "creating a blueprint for clean living." She believes that a better world for future generations depends on the choices we make today. This is the proactive use of the toroidal flow dynamic and, essentially, the co-creative nature of conscious expansion.


Steve Kramer

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Stacey Cagan

Stacey graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Fashion Design and Marketing. After almost 18 years in the fashion industry, Ms. Cagan discovered her passion for fi...

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