Spiritual Diagnostics Radio - Psychic Answers & Spiritual Solutions with Carol Dorian & Co-host Justice Welling: Divorcing your thoughts

  10/24/2017  12:00 pm PDT

So many of us are committed to the chaotic self defeating inner dialogue within us in this show we will discuss discerning your self from your thoughts and ending The negative relationship between the two

Episode giveaways: Everyone that calls in will receive a free psychic or diagnostic service after the show


Carol Dorian

Tuesdays 12pm pt / 3pm et!Spiritual Diagnostics - Psychic Answers....Spiritual Solutions with Carol Dorian & Co-host Justice Welling!A long time student of pranic healin...

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Justice Welling

Justice Welling is a psychic energy healer, as well as a psychic love counselor who has the ability to identify soulmates. She covers many areas of life, however, her specia...

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