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Teaching from the Heart with Julie K: Power Tools: The Time for Playing Small is Over. Are You Ready to Ignite Your Personal Power and to teach your kids to do the same? with author Jean Adrienne

  03/04/2013  06:00 am PDT

Author Jean Adrienne will be discussing her new book 'Power Tools: The Ultimate Owner's Manual for Personal Empowerment. The time for "playing small" is well past, but unfortunately we didn't receive an owner's manual when we decided to incarnate and "borrow" these bodies for this human experience. Tune in and discover how to create success in relationships, business, wealth and health for yourself and also how to teach these easy to use tools to your kids so they can do the same


Julie Kleinhans

Teaching From the Heart is a radio program that supports parents, teachers and the community by providing practical ways to teach young people how to become confident in who...

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Jean Adrienne

Jean Adrienne is an author, healer, teacher, and creator of quantum change. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She also completed The Uni...

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