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Teaching from the Heart with Julie K: Tools to Help You and Your Family Through Difficult Times with Julie Kleinhans

  11/12/2012  06:00 am PDT

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, many families in the North East are dealing with the difficult task of picking up the pieces and rebuilding their lives, while others are dealing with stress, fear, and anxiety of what will happen next. Join Julie as she shares powerful tools to help you prepare your family on an inner and outer level during these times of great transition all over the world.


Julie Kleinhans

Teaching From the Heart is a radio program that supports parents, teachers and the community by providing practical ways to teach young people how to become confident in who...

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Julie Kleinhans

Julie Kleinhans is a certified life coach, founder of Mind Focus Generation, and creator of the Super Empowerment System for Teens and Young Adults. She is a confidence and ...

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