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Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Stephen and Beth Daniel: Healing from Environmental Illness and Electrical Sensitivity; A Candid Discussion with QT's Senior Practitioner, Gisella Carrick

  01/22/2013  12:00 pm PDT

Quantum Techniques is an advanced method in the field of energy medicine and a powerful cousin of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Quantum Techniques scans and codes eliminate blocks to healing anything in your life by putting the body in to a profound healing state. Following years of trying different healing methods without success and being told there was no help for her. Gisella Carrick used Quantum Techniques to heal from severe environmental illness, electrical sensitivity, heart arrhythmias, seizures, and chronic pain. Today's show, hosted by the QT founders, Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, will highlight Gisella's healing journey from a place of wondering if she would survive to becoming a world class healer who specializes in helping those with chronic illness to recover their health and their lives. Gisella is the first practitioner to reach Senior Practitioner status with QT based on her excellent work with many people with many conditions over the past several years.


Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel

Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Quantum TechniquesQuantum Techniques QT is a new form of remote energy medicine founded by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. It is accessible t...

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Gisella Carrick

Prior to becoming ill, Gisella was a translator in the medical and high-tech industries. She is fluent in Spanish and proficient in French and Portuguese. Gisella now spends...

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