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Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Stephen and Beth Daniel: Heal Yourself with Quantum Techniques: Your Health IS Your Choice - Do Something About it NOW

  03/05/2013  12:00 pm PDT

Listen in as Dr. Stephen Daniel speaks with Dennis Richard who will be discussing his book Your Health IS Your Choice which covers several of Dennis' health issues from Prostate Cancer, a herniated disc in his neck, losing his eyesight, bone-density loss and more. In each case traditional doctors told him there was nothing they could do as all of these issues were simply the 'cost of getting older.' But Dennis took these burdens into his own hands and found a way to reverse them ALL


Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel

Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Quantum TechniquesQuantum Techniques QT is a new form of remote energy medicine founded by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. It is accessible t...

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Dennis Richard

Dennis Richard is the classic American Entrepreneur. Moving to Las Vegas in the early 1950s, this desert town of 25,000 was just a way station in the desert left over from t...

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