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Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Stephen and Beth Daniel: Heal Yourself with Quantum Techniques; with Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel and guest Heidi Gilman, who shares her journey from severe autoimmune disease to being a world class healer.

  11/27/2012  12:00 pm PDT

Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel have a candid discussion with special guest, Heidi Gilman, about her journey to Quantum Techniques. Heidi shares her recovery from severe autoimmune disease and torn discs in her back to becoming a world class healer in the field of energy medicine. Heidi has integrated many healing modalities into her work, including EFT, hypnotherapy, bodywork, Shiatsu and more. Tune in and learn about Heidis total healing and transformation to helping others.


Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel

Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Quantum TechniquesQuantum Techniques QT is a new form of remote energy medicine founded by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. It is accessible t...

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Heidi Gilman

Heidi Gilman completed her education in Graphic Arts at the St. Cloud Technical College in MN in 1981. She and her husband moved to Phoenix, AZ where she worked for Phoenix ...

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