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Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Stephen and Beth Daniel: The power of energy medicine and how it can be used to heal the body in ways you would never imagine

  04/23/2013  12:00 pm PDT

Quantum Techniques is an advanced method in the field of energy medicine and a powerful cousin of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. Quantum Techniques' scans and codes eliminate blocks to healing anything in your life by putting the body into a profound healing state. QT founders Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel welcome Dr. Carolee Johnson who will discuss the power of energy medicine and how it can heal chronic issues. She will discuss how the body is a highly specialized completely digital computer from which it is possible to access the exact information your body needs in order to heal, rather than the modern day view of the body as a box of replaceable parts. She will talk about how each cell, pathogen and toxin, and even emotions, have a certain frequency that can be found and re-instructed, re-programmed or discarded. Frequencies of an herb or medication can be used to heal the body without actually ingesting the physical product. Finally, Dr. Johnson will discuss how adjusting ones attitude changes the frequency of the body, and helps move it into a healing mode.


Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel

Teaching You to Heal Yourself with Quantum TechniquesQuantum Techniques QT is a new form of remote energy medicine founded by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. It is accessible t...

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Dr. Carolee Johnson

Carolee Johnson, N.D., M.H. has been practicing in the field of natural health since 1998. She holds a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Health....

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