The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: A Nugget of Wizdom From the Universe with Colette Marie Stefan

  10/21/2015  11:00 am PDT

Many people who shift out of limiting beliefs and expectations break into peals of laughter as they recognize how they have participated in what just might be a giant cosmic joke…. The truth is funny! Often stranger than fiction. There is no failure without success and no success without failure. Success is not a noun, it is a verb…. a work in progress.


Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Her specialty is assisting people face t...

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Colette Marie Stefan

Colette Marie Stefan is a magical speaker, author and artist, with a great sense of humor, who shares universal, life-transforming information and provides results that in...

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