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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Breaking Free from Unhealthy Family Patterns with Jodee Prouse

  08/28/2017  11:00 am PDT

One woman's wisdom on rising in strength from family crisis. Learning through the tears and hard truths about taking care of oneself first, and the power to finally say "NO!"

Whether it’s Addiction, Abuse, Divorce or any other Family Trauma, a Woman at the Center Can Step Out of the Insanity – With Love

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Breaking Free from Unhealthy Family Patterns with Jodee Prouse 

How many times have you lost yourself in some chronic family crisis, giving and giving until there is no more left to give—and yet you give more. Out of love, out of duty, out of knowing that everyone looks to you?

As women, we have often learned from childhood that we are the ones that must be the peacemakers, the problem-solvers, the fixers—the ones to make concessions. And we sometimes do this with dire consequences, losing our selves, sometimes our partners and our children -- and even our souls.

Jodee Prouse knows this from experience. Her painfully honest book The Sun Is Gone about trying to halt the alcoholic decline of her beloved brother, amidst a lifetime of family crisis and dysfunction, is both a cautionary tale and beacon of hope for women to find the strength to make painful, but personally healthy choices.


Episode giveaways: 3 copies of "The Sun is Gone" will be given away


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