The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Feeding the Famished Soul: Why it's Key to Healing Ourselves and Our Planet with Jalaja Bonheim

  01/23/2014  10:30 am PST

Physically well-fed we may be. Yet spiritually, most people in our society are starving. This collective famine is all the more dangerous because it's hidden; most people don't even realize they're affected. Yet the unmet hunger of our hearts and souls is contributing to a tidal wave of addiction, violence, depression. Jalaja Bonheim is a workshop leader who has garnered international acclaim for her groundbreaking work with Jewish and Palestinian women in the Middle East.


Dr. Pat Baccili - The Dr. Pat Show

Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Her specialty is assisting people face t...

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 Jalaja Bonheim

Jalaja Bonheim

Jalaja Bonheim, Ph.D. is an inspiring visionary and award-winning author who mentors and trains leaders from all walks of life in the art of spiritually based circle leaders...

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