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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior with Les Jensen

  08/28/2018  10:00 am PDT

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior with Les JensenThe heart of humanity has a deep desire for change to our human condition, perhaps more than ever before. As we progress through the 21st century we are still praying for the end of suffering. Yet the suffering of humanity continues. What IS the path to salvation for our human condition? Who IS going to be our savior? There has to be a missing piece to the puzzle. All of the saviors from all of the religions have come and gone, and we still have suffering on this planet. There has to be a different story to be told. Where is the last savior who WILL bring these changes to humanity? Where does the ultimate salvation of humanity lie hidden?


The power of the Almighty God has not resolved our human condition. The billions of prayers of humanity have not been answered. Are we on our own? Does God ever intend to answer our prayers? Does this Almighty God really have the power to save us? Is there something missing from the teachings of the saviors that God has sent to us? What is the path to redemption? Where do the answers lie? Who will be our savior?

Episode giveaways:

  • 2 copies of the book Forgiven Sinner: God’s Last Savior


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