The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Healthy Solutions Exposed with Co-hosts Dr.H and LetyM: Transforming Your Bubble - One Blow At A Time

  10/20/2014  10:00 am PDT

Do you embrace or reject change in your life? The ability to change your perspective and awareness in your life can be a metamorphic simile to the development of a butterfly. The process of change is not attractive, but as you develop and are able to arrive at your best self you are able to transform into a better version of yourself. Metamorphosis of a butterfly is a similar analogy to the development of your inner beingwe were born with a purpose that we then have to discover, nurture and develop so that we may reach a deeper level of inner consciousness. This is only something that can transpire like the air of blowing a bubble...something on the inside reflecting out through the force of pressure and expansion creating change along the way.It cannot be something on the outside feeding the inside; this will only cause your bubble to burst, once we can own this part of our divine soul and line up with our purest we can create an inner flame that will fuel the fire and nothing can stop you and you can and you will expand one layer at a time by creating change along the way and then allowing adversity to be the creative force for a brighter future, the choice is yours


Dr. Teresa 'Dr.H' Hazelwood & LetyM

Healthy Solutions Exposed Be the Navigator and Revolutionary Wellness talk with Dr. H. and LetyM is a hit show determined to deliver an empowering broadcast to our listeners...

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Dr. Teresa 'DrH' Hazelwood

Dr. Teresa Hazelwood AKA "DrH" is known as The Freedom Guru. A gifted, intuitive, holistic chiropractic physician, transformational coach, "FREEDOM-preneur" & radio cel...

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Lety (LetyM) Moreno

LetyM is passionate about motivation & speaking. She believes that for every action there is a reaction, and the power of changing the course of your life at any given t...

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