The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: How Do You Define Happiness and Is That How You Generally Feel? Co-host Dr. Dan Cohen

  07/14/2016  11:00 am PDT

What do you do to feel good and is that happiness? Most people learn their own little tricks to temporarily feel good or at least not feel bad. Some people do it with food, or shopping or drugs. What do you do and does it produce lasting happiness? Ask yourself, do you wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night happy? Do you have a genuine smile on your face most of the time or do you pretend to be happy when you think you should? What is true happiness and how can you live that way?


Dr. Pat Baccili

Dr. Pat Baccili helps individuals and organizations break through their limiting Crust so they can reach their unlimited potential. Her specialty is assisting people face t...

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Dr. Dan Cohen

Dr. Daniel Cohen is a neurologist, inventor and author with a focus on technology and writing related to personal and spiritual development. He is the lead inventor of paten...

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