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  10/23/2008  10:00 am PDT

Author and charity advocate Sue Lundquist spreads thankful message to help families improve personal communication. Her goal is to inspire compassion, share gratitude and open lines of communication.

Lundquist and the Im Thankful company are facilitators helping new parents, grandparents, children and families develop better communication through journaling. Im Thankful leads readers through a series of questions that help facilitate positive communication and interaction with their loved ones. This journal is a tool that helps generations of families better communicate with one another.

Teaching the benefit of thankfulness and compassion, even in little things is a priceless value, Lundquist said.


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Dr. Pat Baccili

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 Sue Lundquist

Sue Lundquist

Sue Lundquist, a wife and mother of three girls, knew others could be helped by thinking about and writing down what they are grateful to have in their lives. And she wanted...

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