The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: The Clairvoyant Gourmet: Psychic medium Janie Boisclair Channels Thanksgiving Recipes from the Spirit World

  11/22/2016  11:00 am PDT

Food is the ultimate connector. Families and friends bond when they break bread together, traditional family recipes connect us with our roots, and healthy eating promotes a positive connection between mind and body. Imagine though, on top of the wonderful connections that food already brings to life, if you could add one more to the mix—connection to spirit!

• Do you wish you knew how to make your grandmother’s famous turkey stuffing?
• Ever wonder what your aunt’s secret ingredient in her sweet potato casserole was?
• The Clairvoyant Gourmet also channels dishes from the Pilgrims…. Squash Pie made with duck fat, pumpkin soup, field to table breads and pie crusts, etc.

The Clairvoyant Gourmet offers live readings with call-in guests to uncover Thanksgiving dishes and traditions from past generations. Call 1-800-930-2819 for your personal reading!


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Janie Boisclair

Food is the ultimate connector for humans and spirits alike, it seems. Families and friends bond when they break bread together, and traditional family recipes connect us wi...

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