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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Where Human Noise Ends & the Clarity of Nature Begins with Jonathan Leidich

  08/10/2017  11:00 am PDT

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Where Human Noise Ends & the Clarity of Nature Begins with Jonathan LeidichThe Aysén Region of Chilean Patagonia, specifically the Patagonian Ice Fields is a place where human expansion over the globe ends, with a human history of only 80 years. This has been home to Jonathan Leidich for the last 20+ years where he has dedicated his life to understanding the natural systems of water, energy, weather and thus climate and how humanity and this natural system fit together. Challenged with a lifelong goal to thrive on the frontier he has found his passion in sharing the profound significance of the human experience of being able to provide the basic human needs of food and shelter and the empowerment that comes from making this knowledge useful and thus creating wisdom. Through the PAEX development model he has been able to design a dynamic developmental system based on minimal physical infrastructure to create maximum local benefits and the most diverse definition of utilities. This system is based on Tourism as an economic motor to produce jobs, Education which is the investment in the future, today, and Science which deepens our knowledge and understanding giving value to our environment.

The Aysen Glacier Trail is the introduction experience into this wilderness via an 8-day wilderness trek through the hydrologic cycle of the Patagonia Ice Fields including crossing the Nef Glacier. This hand-hewn trek is under exclusive management of it’s designers and builders, Patagonia Adventure Expeditions so as to assure the absolute isolation of each small group and the sanctity of experiencing the frontier and the clarity of how nature works.

The permanent camps where less is more, a guide for each guest the entire trek, and a great symphony of food, rest, and walking make for a profound experience and opportunity to learn, be challenged, and improve one’s capacity and outlook for thriving no matter what the external reality is. Working with Dr. Kevin Jardine highlights the Aysen Glacier Trail as a venue and modality in which PAEX guides in his international trainings which are all designed to generate NTF and help improve the human experience in life.

Episode giveaways:

  • One lucky caller will receive a day at Sol de Mayo after the trek - this would be day 11 of the 10.


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