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The Jenn Royster Show: Angels Bring Insights for April 2020

The Jenn Royster Show: Angels Bring Insights for April 2020

  03/26/2020  08:00 am PDT

Jenn Royster Show -  Angels Bring Insights for April 2020

In this episode we’ll take a peak from several metaphysical sources including numerology, astrology, tarot and messages from the angels on the energies and frequency shift as we move into April 2020.
There’s quite the transformative shift taking place and we’re all learning as fast as we can while trying to stay healthy and keep up. The angels bring a comfort like no other in challenging times.
We all have something we can learn in the 2020 year, find our inner strength, heal and become part of the solution in a higher consciousness that is evolving quite rapidly. Let’s do this together.

Episode giveaways:

  • Join in an FREE energy healing meditation that will help you and send it out into the world. A gift to all from Dr Jenn


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