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The Kornelia Stephanie Show:  A Whole New World.  Mastery in 2018

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: A Whole New World. Mastery in 2018

  02/09/2018  12:00 pm PST

The Kornelia Stephanie Show:  A Whole New World.  Mastery in 2018With all the changes in the world today it takes a strong spiritual practice to surrender get comfortable living in the unknown. Having a strong spiritual practice is the root foundation of living heaven on earth. Each person is guided by their internal guidance system and learning to trust yourself and accept yourself as the authority is the practice. The days of giving our power away including giving your power away to others and to the ego are over. We are living our divinity in form, heaven on earth is an inside job. The sovereign self-living and creating life from a place of unconditional love compassion and peace at the core takes a commitment and dedication to bringing god, the higher self into form with each choice we make.
All who feel called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out, tapping into their authentic truth exploring the source/god our infinite power within. Heaven on Earth, Peace on Earth is here for each soul that is ready to come home.

Episode giveaways:

  • Kornelia's 21 day miracle course. Send email to [email protected] and receive the 21 day course including mp3's right to your inbox.
  • Free empowerment tools for healing New to Kornelia’s work. Access the free content on Kornelia and empower yourself with emotional healing to experience yourself being emotionally wealthy.


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