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The Kornelia Stephanie Show: How to build extraordinary relationships with my special guest and friend Charleen Hess

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: How to build extraordinary relationships with my special guest and friend Charleen Hess

  11/03/2017  12:00 pm PDT

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: How to build extraordinary relationships with my special guest and friend Charleen Hess

Emotionally Healthy People loving living, creating the life of their dreams.

Emotionally wealthy today and it wasn't always like this.

We must learn to be masters of our emotions.  Emotionally healthy people are fun to be around. These people, they give back and they give their all.  People love being around emotional wealthy people because they have an aura about them.  Folks look at them and say, I want what they have. Using the power of our emotions as a guide to liberation.  Today's show, two life coaches empowered and taking on the new world.  


Kornelia and her special guest Charleen will share how they have become emotionally wealthy after emotionally processing,  releasing the old earth out of their physical bodies, neutralized the emotional core wounding and are empowered authority’s in their own life.  


These two self-actualized women will share stories about how they moved from betrayal to living in trust.  The story of abandonment is now a past life memory neutralized through the release work.  The opposite of abandonment is feeling safe and secure and connected knowing there is no separation there is no abandonment.  After the core wound of abandonment is released out of the body you return to the truth and never abandon yourself again.  Because you know.


Kornelia over the years has coached Charleen to be the powerhouse she is today.  Charleen has healed her life and her body even saving an organ with the work she did with Kornelia.  Charleen has moved into self-healing and empowerment.  Charleen is influencing her community changing peoples lives in being the powerful example she lives.  And so the work ripples out into communities as we each are harmonizing our environment by the energy we hold and the frequency we emit.


Through their incredible journey together, these two will tell you how they have worked together to transcend the lies the limitations and the core wounding of not feeling worthy to now living a life in abundance and glory. They are at the leading edge of creation --wealth and abundance is here  and they dare to inspire you to do the same and be uniquely YOU.  When powerful women gather mountains move.


We are going deep with Kornelia and Charleen we will take callers and ask us anything.  



Episode giveaways:

  • Receive Free- the “7day Self Love Series” with daily mp3 recordings to listen to send an email to [email protected], subject line” I AM love. give us permission to add you onto our newsletter list. In addition you will receive Kornelia's Online journal a 21 Day Peace Practice. So you can find your way into inner peace in these changing times. The practice is a toolbox for everyday living. A tool for Anger Management 101 PDF. Kornelia's tool for Emotional Processing. And a tool for Releasing Fear From Your Life. Raise your daily vibe, go to Kornelia and listen to the daily messages guiding us into the new paradigm, home to our inner self.


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