The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Women Who Radiate Wealth Podcast with Kornelia Stephanie and Susan Axelrod

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Women Who Radiate Wealth Podcast with Kornelia Stephanie and Susan Axelrod

  06/29/2021  05:00 am PDT

The Kornelia Stephanie Show: Women Who Radiate Wealth Podcast with Kornelia Stephanie and Susan AxelrodShowing up as you are and Having fun in Business. Our focus is on Women's Entrepreneurship aiming to Empower Female Entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talk about, The Three S's of A Sustainable Business-Strategy, Systems & Structure, do you have yours in place? Creating a sustainable business takes time to happen, but it definitely doesn't happen if you don't have the 3 S's in place. Strategy includes 'to whom am i speaking,' Structure includes how you work with someone, and Systems include how you get paid. Without the 3 S's, business lag and languish. The 3 S's also support your ability to show up as you are and have fun in business because you're able to be the most in-your-purposeful business space!


1:17 It’s ok to focus on money

2:17 Doing too much and not focusing on the one thing you need in business

5:40 Creating a construct from ‘what works in business’

6:05 The 4 S’s of Intuitive Business (business for the divine feminine)

6:32 The first S is the basis of Intuitive Business, ‘Sacred’-bringing your intuition into your business

7:20 The second S is ‘Strategy,’ to whom are you speaking and how

7:50 The third S is ‘Systems,’ how are you running your business

8:10 The fourth S is ‘Structure,’ how do you get paid

11:15 The difference between Intuitive Business and ‘corporate’

15:13 The Kornelia Stephanie Media Group podcast hosts have soul

19:34 Susan takes responsibility for a poor ‘system’

24:00 How do you get paid? One to one clients, group, products

26:36 Susan’s Sedona Sunday, a new self-care program for women

28:54 Kornelia speaks about the importance of showing up and reliability

33:47 Inviting the sacred in, having soul in business

36:16 Your clear Call to Action, do you need weekly accountability for your business

42:10 Everything we’ve done in life has gotten us to where we are today

43:06 A good way to make money





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