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The Laura Meeks Show: Dream On ~ Fly High ~ Live Adventurously Radio!: I Am Ready to Fly High - Help Me Build a Flight Plan

  07/17/2018  10:00 am PDT

laura meeks and fly high radio - creating a flight planYou have decided to make a change. You live either drifting or not growing and it is time for you to plan to fly high. In this episode we dig down to your soul. It knows where to go and we are going to ask for clarification. We want to fly high and this is how we start.

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  • One lucky caller will receive one FREE enrollment in Laura's 4 week Vision Builder class. This class will guide you as you create your best vision of your next three years. Laura will join you on the phone over 4 weeks and guide you to a written detailed vision you can use to motivate and energize your life.


Laura  Meeks

Laura Meeks

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