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Conscious Confidence Radio - A Timeless Wisdom with Sarah Mane: The Limitless Power of Being – the source of Conscious Confidence

  04/15/2019  11:00 am PDT

Our Being is the limitless power we all have, it’s the energy and potential of everyone and the foundation of Conscious Confidence.


Our busy lives are full of ‘busy-ness’ which obscures this creative powerhouse.


Join Sarah as she takes us through a simple process to connect with our Being and discover why we need this and the benefits it brings in greater happiness, peace, confidence, productivity, creativity and fulfilment.

Episode giveaways:

  • Design Your Own ‘Alignment Guide’ to Achieve Greater Balance, Happiness and Health A two-video series with worksheets Go to and sign up for the free Alignment Guide.


Sarah  Mane

Sarah Mane

CONSCIOUS CONFIDENCE RADIO - A TIMELESS WISDOM with Sarah Mane Tune-in each month and join Sarah on an adventurous journey to the deeper level of meaning to move beyond tod...

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