Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly: The Psychedelic Imagination and the Future of Humanity, with Michael Garfield

  01/06/2016  02:00 pm PDT

This week, Dr. Kelly interviews modern-day renaissance man Michael Garfield about what the future holds for humanity, and how are we constantly re-imagining and re-visioning our human narrative through our connection to the 'psychedelic imagination.'  Experimental singer-songwriter, live performance painter, evolutionary philosopher, Michael's expansive and empowering vision of our place in the universe results in a prodigious body of work.

In this free-flowing dialogue, we will touch on the long-view future of humankind, and how radical human evolution and is manifested through the expression of creativity, art and symbols. We will discuss how to find your creative voice, space and place in the collective psychedelic experience that is the 21st Century. We also hope to touch on sane and sacred transhumanism, harnessing the psychedelic imagination, the shifting nature of reality in the 'internet age,' and evolution as the work of geological forces awakening as living forms (including human beings).

This show is intended to open your mind and inspire.


Dr. Kelly Neff

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Michael Garfield

Michael Garfield is a modern-day renaissance man – because we're living through a modern-day renaissance, and this is what is asked of us.  Experimental singer-songwrit...

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