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The Animals iView with Lizanne Flynn: Dog and Cat Training - Who's Really Being Trained? with guest Yukari Bianchi

  09/26/2013  09:00 am PDT

Join Lizanne and her special guest, Yukari Bianchi, as they explore how dog and cat training really work. Tips for how to handle specific animal companion situations will be discussed and new information about what training method to use will be offered.


Lizanne Flynn

The Animal's iView with Lizanne Flynn is a hit radio show that illuminates the heart-centered bond of animal and human as souls destined to find each other in a lifetime. Li...

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Yukari Bianchi

Yukari Bianchi, Member of APDT and IAABC, and owner of You n' I Animal Wellness, is a Dog Trainer, Canine/Feline Behavior Consultant and Certified Pet Loss Grief Counselor. ...

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