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The Animals iView with Lizanne Flynn: Elephants - Their Majesty and Peril and Our Work to Save Them with Sacred Activist Kristal Parks

  10/24/2013  09:00 am PST

Kristal Parks' pivotal work in Kenya to save the African elephant confronts all the issues threatening elephants' survival, namely: poaching, hunting, human / elephant conflict, drought, loss of habitat, poverty and hunger. Our sustainability projects include an anti-poaching patrol led by local tribesmen; elephant dung paper project providing employment; school and village presentations inspiring conservation; water saving methods to combat drought, working with subsistence farmers to increase their crop yield and eco-tourism benefiting both elephant and poor villager.


Lizanne Flynn

The Animal's iView with Lizanne Flynn is a hit radio show that illuminates the heart-centered bond of animal and human as souls destined to find each other in a lifetime. Li...

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Kristal Parks

Kristal Parks is a sacred activist - of a different order. She worked as a "human shield" for threatened Mayan Indians during Guatemala's civil war; served the Hmong populat...

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