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The Awakening Talk Radio Show with Patricia Iris Kerins: A self interview, where are we, humanity, going? Am I ready to go too? If not what might be holding me back? Is my Divine Feminine really in balance with the Divine Masculine, does this make me bland

  03/03/2013  11:00 am PDT

Patricia has decided to take time out from interviewing so many lovely contributors to speak to herself and ask a few relevant questions about life generally, her life in particular and what part the Divine Feminine plays in that if any. How is her life changing, what new aspects are coming forward that were once hidden. Listening to this denouement will shift blocks for you as she simply voices a lot of issues that are cropping up for many and when we do that of course they are immediately healed. Airing and sharing...sounds like constructive compulsive listening.


Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia's new show is on Fridays - 10am pt 1pm et 6pm bst. Tune in each Friday for The Divine Divas Radio Show with Patricia. Welcome to the Divine Divas Radio ShowHere w...

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Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia Iris Kerins has been working in the Mind, Body and Spiritual sector of life for over 30 years. During this time she has been honored and privileged to serve Spirit ...

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