The Awakening Talk Radio Show with Patricia Iris Kerins: Join me with guest Candy Hough to find out how to attract your 'Twin-Flame Relationship and Soul Mate Relationship'

  03/24/2013  11:00 am PDT

A Twin Flame is the only other person in any space, time or dimension who is the physical completion of who you are and is the original Divine representation of perfect love that your soul yearns to be reunited with. And even with this Divine reunion being a very rare occurrence on Planet Earth , Candy Hough personally drew her Twin-Flame husband to herself in 2003 and has been living Heaven on Earth ever since. And even though many would like to experience a Divine love, this re-connection of Divine Love will not automatically happen. Tune in and find out the practices one can do to energetically create this divine love within themselves and then open to receive the manifestation of this cherished love in their physical reality.


Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia's new show is on Fridays - 10am pt 1pm et 6pm bst. Tune in each Friday for The Divine Divas Radio Show with Patricia. Welcome to the Divine Divas Radio ShowHere w...

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Claire Candy Hough

As an Author, Writer, an Angel Practitioner, a Reiki Master/Teacher, International Radio Show Host, and Inspirational Speaker, Claire Candy Hough helps others connect to the...

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