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The Awakening Talk Radio Show with Patricia Iris Kerins: The Awakening Talk Show with host Patricia Iris Kerins and guest Kimberly Anne Christensen
Strengthening the Divine Feminine by Awakening to Love with the Gift of GoodBye

  04/14/2013  11:00 am PDT

Strengthening the Divine Feminine by Awakening to Love with the Gift of GoodBye with guest Kimberly Anne Christensen
We do not get unlimited chances to have the things we want. Choose to see yourself as a gift, authentically divine and sacred. Choose to become something NEW, by letting go and saying goodbye to the OLD.
We will be talking about taking ownership of yourself, your values, your desires and releasing the Gatekeeper, the robber of happiness.
Repairing your Love Blanket, which should wrap us in stories of love's strength, but which are often filled over time with half-truths, someone else's truth, and Shadow Beliefs.
Choosing to see yourself as a gift, sacred and divine - a treasure worthy of getting to know under the rules of Respect and Honor and knowing your Anthems to Love's Spiritual Awakening - the Cosmic Serenades that guide your spiritual and physical life.


Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia's new show is on Fridays - 10am pt 1pm et 6pm bst. Tune in each Friday for The Divine Divas Radio Show with Patricia. Welcome to the Divine Divas Radio ShowHere w...

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Kimberly Anne Christensen

Kimberly Anne Christensen,D.Div. is the Founder and Creator of Life Path International. Having been blessed with the gift of vibrational resonance, a form of psychic "seein...

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