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The Awakening Talk Radio Show with Patricia Iris Kerins: The Awakening Talk Show with host Patricia Iris Kerins with special guest Clare Henry, Angelic Channel and Author

  03/10/2013  11:00 am PDT

Clare's story includes a near death experience and an encounter with Princess Diana. This is part of what kick started her Awakening. One of the strongest aspects of the Divine Feminine Energy is the ability to channel Illumined Beings of Light and our beautiful guest, Clare Henry, this week is bringing forward her understandings of the Angelic Realms and how she works with them. Clare says, 'We walk with the protection and love of God and the Angels. They are are here and have always been here since the beginning of life on earth, to guide, protect and nurture us with help us steer our ships to enlightenment. Their highest hope is that we become like them.' Tune in to hear more from this enlightened soul.


Patricia Iris Kerins

Patricia's new show is on Fridays - 10am pt 1pm et 6pm bst. Tune in each Friday for The Divine Divas Radio Show with Patricia. Welcome to the Divine Divas Radio ShowHere w...

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Clare Henry

Clare Henry's rich and sacred Journey started from Convent to Cat-walker to Starwalker. Born in Surrey, England, Convent educated and a lover of History,English, Art and Mus...

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