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The Christine Upchurch Show: MAGNESIUM SAVES LIVES with guest Dr. Carolyn Dean

  01/02/2015  11:00 am PDT

Start your new year right with important information about your health. Join Christine and Dr. Carolyn Dean to discover how crucial magnesium is for your system. Magnesium is necessary for the activation of 700-800 enzyme systems. It catalyzes most chemical reactions in the body. It synthesizes protein; transmits nerve signals; relaxes muscles whereas calcium contracts muscles and it produces and transports energy called ATP yet your doctor just thinks it's a laxative


Christine Upchurch

The Christine Upchurch Show Stellar Conversations To Illuminate Your Journey Fridays 11am pacific / 2pm eastern Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of ...

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Dr. Carolyn Dean

Dr. Carolyn Dean is a Medical Doctor and Naturopathic Doctor on the cutting edge of the natural medicine revolution since 1979. She is working on several patents for novel h...

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