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The Christine Upchurch Show: The HeartMath Solution with guest Howard Martin

  02/26/2016  11:00 am PDT

Join Christine and Executive Vice President of HeartMath, Howard Martin, to learn about the innate power and intuition of the heart when in the state of what he calls "coherence". Discover what you can do to increase your personal coherence, resilience and to help create more global coherence by exploring and engaging the intelligence of your heart. 


Christine Upchurch

The Christine Upchurch Show Stellar Conversations To Illuminate Your Journey Fridays 11am pacific / 2pm eastern Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of ...

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Howard Martin

Howard Martin is one of the original leaders who helped Doc Childre found HeartMath and has been with the organization since its inception in 1991 serving as a key spokesper...

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