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The Christine Upchurch Show: Turbo Metabolism with guest Dr. Pankaj Vij

  03/30/2018  11:00 am PDT

As the modern Western lifestyle spreads around the globe, so too does metabolic syndrome — a cluster of symptoms that increases the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other conditions. Join Christine and Dr. Pankaj Vij to discover how metabolic syndrome can be tamed by a sensible program of exercise, natural foods, stress management, and quality sleep. 


Christine Upchurch

The Christine Upchurch Show Stellar Conversations To Illuminate Your Journey Fridays 11am pacific / 2pm eastern Over the course of my career, I have had the privilege of ...

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Dr. Pankaj Vij

Pankaj Vij, MD, FACP, is the author of Turbo Metabolism. As a doctor of internal medicine, he has helped thousands of patients lose weight, manage chronic health c...

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