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The Dougall Fraser Show: Encore Presentation: The Very First Dougall Fraser Show What's love got to do with it?"

  08/16/2011  10:00 am PDT

Encore Presentation: Take a look back with us on the very first Dougall Fraser Show "Whether you're in love or looking for it, we've all got questions. Join Dougall this week as we delve into the topic of relationships. We'll be talking about; love at first sight, soul mates, and of course sex"


Dougall Fraser

Psychic and Cosmic Coach Dougall Fraser uses his clairvoyant ability to diagnose any blockage or pattern in people's lives that hold them back from achieving their goals. He...

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Dougall Fraser

Everyone wants to know when they will find true love, if they should change careers, and how to follow their dreams. In short, everyone would like a peek into their future P...

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