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The Dr. Julie Show ~ All Things Connected: Animal Wisdom Learning from the Spiritual Lives of Animals with Dr. Linda Bender

  08/26/2014  12:00 pm PDT

Combining a scientists clear knowledge with a deep spiritual understanding of the inter-connectedness of all life, Veterinarian, Dr. Linda Bender, reveals the amazing power our pets and wildlife have to heal and enrich our lives. By learning to see the world as animals see it, we can heed their urgent call and restore paradise on earth.


Dr. Julie Krull

The Dr. Julie Show All Things ConnectedTuesdays 12pm pt 3pm etThe Dr. Julie Show will explore the interconnection of life within our selves, spirit, humanity, nature, and...

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Dr. Linda Bender

A passionate, animal advocate and educator, Dr. Linda Bender's love of the natural world began in her childhood backyard. From orphaned deer to blue jays prematurely bumped ...

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