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The Dr. Julie Show ~ All Things Connected: Dr. Mitch Tishler on Seeing with Heart

  06/17/2014  12:00 pm PDT

Seeing With Heart is a personal journey for growing inner peace that peace inside each of us which is longing to be expressed. Seeing With Heart is based upon having an openness to see with other than our ordinary eyes allowing ourselves to experience that when we blink, it is possible to see an entirely different story.


Dr. Julie Krull

The Dr. Julie Show All Things ConnectedTuesdays 12pm pt 3pm etThe Dr. Julie Show will explore the interconnection of life within our selves, spirit, humanity, nature, and...

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Dr. Mitch Tishler

Dr. Mitch Tishler, a holistic physician for 26 years, presents Seeing With Heart a breakthrough journey for cultivating inner peace, which he has shared with individuals an...

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