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The Dr. Julie Show ~ All Things Connected: The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible with Charles Eisenstein

  02/03/2015  12:00 pm PDT

In a time of social and ecological crisis, what can we as individuals do to make the world a better place? This inspirational and thought-provoking show will serve as an empowering antidote to the cynicism, frustration, paralysis, and overwhelm so many of us are feeling, replacing it with a grounding reminder of whats true: we are all connected, and our small, personal choices bear unsuspected transformational power.


Dr. Julie Krull

The Dr. Julie Show All Things ConnectedTuesdays 12pm pt 3pm etThe Dr. Julie Show will explore the interconnection of life within our selves, spirit, humanity, nature, and...

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Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. He speaks worldwide on issues of transition, money, and social evolution. For a small taste ...

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