The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: 2012 & The Shift - The Power of Ceremony with Author and Spiritual Teacher, Jack Allis.

  09/06/2011  02:00 pm PDT

Jack Allis, Author & Spiritual Teacher, demystifies what is usually seen as such a complicated and confusing topic, and he does so simply and concisely. All the indigenous prophesies agree that 2012 & the shift is not doomsday, but rather a monumental time of transformation, in which we are blessed with an opportunity to spiritually transform ourselves, and our world. Jack not only talks the talk, but walks the walk, by showing how we can participate in this great transmutation through the use of ceremony. This involves connecting to spirit through prayer, music and chanting, with rattles, drums and singing bowls, smoking the ceremonial pipe, and more. Borrowing from our indigenous relatives, ceremony is one of our best tools to let go of the old world, and ascend to the new, with the power of our vibration.


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Dr. Pat Baccili

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 Jack Allis

Jack Allis

Jack Allis is an author and spiritual teacher. His latest novel, Blue Sun, Red Sun, is a metaphysical thriller, based on a story from Hopi prophesy, about a small sustainabl...

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