The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: A Return to Consciousness with Practitioner Pietro Abela

  11/23/2016  10:00 am PDT

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: A Return to Consciousness with Practitioner Pietro AbelaAn ARC Practitioner is a professional health practitioner who primarily uses BodySpeak to work with the emotional issues and stresses that may be preventing you from realizing your goals.

An ARC Practitioner believes that emotions and stresses are not only influential in our life’s choices but that they also affect our physical pain, discomfort and disease.

An ARC Practitioner may use ARC’s proven techniques in traditional settings, such as sitting up, face-to-face with the client, or energy work or another hands-on relaxation technique while the client is lying down. Some ARC Practitioners provide long-distance phone or Skype sessions.

About BodySpeak

  • BodySpeak is a profoundly respectful process where the practitioner or caregiver is expected to know the questions but never the answers.
  • BodySpeak is most effective when the caregiver or practitioner is comfortable with uncertainty, and not invested in the session’s outcome.
  • BodySpeak is an 8-step dialogue technique and a powerful creative communications process.
  • BodySpeak asks the questions that draw upon the body’s own wisdom and helps the body remember in a safe and gentle way.

    Facilitators of BodySpeak quickly discover how to form questions based both on the story that is presented as well as the client’s body language. This fascinating process provides the window into seeing what lies beneath a person’s surface behaviour and opens the door to providing for needs that often go unrealized and unheard.



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 Pietro Abela

Pietro Abela

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