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Small Improvements brings energy savings and energy solutions to the average homeowner.

  09/11/2008  10:00 am PST

Are you going green? Drive a hybrid yet? Are you using canvas grocery bags yet? Living in a green homeor at least want to?

How many times have you heard, Are you green? Going green, in all aspects, has become the new lifestyle choice. Either you drive a green car, use green fabric detergent, clean your bathroom with green cleaning products, or live in a green home, everyone from big celebrities to the all average Joes, seem to be jumping on that green bandwagon for a cleaner, better for the environment life.

In John Krigger and Chris Dorsis new book, The Homeowners Handbook to Energy Efficiency, the authors help homeowners set realistic personal goals for reducing their energy consumption. They guide the readers through the process of assessing current energy usage and predicting the benefits and estimating the costs of remolding options. With projects ranging from simple fixes, like changing the types of light bulbs used to larger-scale renovations, this book offers solutions for the energy-conscious homeowner, regardless of budget, technical ability or time


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Dr. Pat Baccili

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 John Krigger

John Krigger

John Krigger is a nationally recognized expert in the field of energy conservation for buildings. He combines lifelong experience in energy-conservation technology with the ...

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