The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Mommy, Why am I Different? Is Your Child Different? Tips on Helping Kids to Accept Differences with best-selling author Kari Kay

  05/12/2009  10:30 am PST

Children dont have the same filter between their brains and their mouths that adults do, and if you need evidence of that, just think back to any moment of embarrassment caused by your childs ultra-honesty. Its one thing for an adult to see someone who is obese and think, Hes fat, but children are more than likely to point and say in a loud, non-indoor voice, Wow, Mommy, hes fat Children are more attuned to differences, both in physical stature and behavior, and have a tendency to point them out in other children, causing distress and anxiety. However, according to author Kari Kay, it is not only possible to teach them to be more accepting, but its also possible to condition those who are different to accept themselves, as well.


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Kari Kay

Kari Kay is a renaissance woman Success coach, mother, entrepreneur, author, and she holds a BS in Animal Science and a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. She originall...

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